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Seeking a Manufacturers' Representative?

Chas. W. Ashby Company is an established manufacturers’ representative firm with a successful history of representing manufacturers and service providers to the electrical industry.  During our fifty plus years of operation, Ashby Company has entrenched itself as a solution provider and partner to our customers and manufacturers.  Why should you, as a manufacturer, want to be associated with Ashby Company?

Long Term Relationships:  Over the fifty plus years since our Company was founded, our people have consistently established themselves as vital team members within the organizations of our customers as well as the manufacturers and service providers we represent.  We have been able to achieve these deep and enduring relationships by being a valuable resource as well as maintaining consistent sales coverage throughout the years.  It is an extremely rare occurrence for Ashby Company to have any turnover in our sales team.  Our people are committed to a career of servicing our customers today, tomorrow and far into the future.

Stable Ownership:  A manufacturer should always be keenly interested in how their manufacturers’ representatives plan to maintain operations beyond the current generation of principals.  We resolved this issue when, in 1986, the founder of our Company sold it to the employees.   The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) structure provides an environment where quality employee-owners understand the value of investing their careers in their Company and are driven towards long term success.  This attitude pervades everything we do and results in a focused effort on providing the very best service to both our customers and the manufacturers we represent.

Technical Capability:  In order to provide the highest degree of value to our customers and the manufacturers we represent, it is critical that our team of Territory Managers and Inside Salespeople be capable of understanding and applying the products we market.  To that end, our sales staff has an impressive resume’ including eight degreed engineers, US Navy electrician training and over 250 years of industry experience.

Team Approach:  Our structure encourages our salespeople to leverage the knowledge of other Ashby Company employees to deliver the best possible solution to our customers and the manufacturers we represent.  When one succeeds, we all succeed.

Synergy:  We are more valuable to our customers because we represent multiple complimentary product lines and services.  Our reach into our customers’ organizations is amplified because we have more opportunities to be involved in their requirements.

Work Ethic:  Simply put, no one works harder for their customers or the manufacturers they represent.  Our team of Territory Managers and Inside Salespeople are professionally aggressive people with a strong desire to serve and win.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibilities, please contact us immediately.

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