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North Carolina Manufacturers

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Specialists in electrical safety training and arc flash hazard analysis


Brad Watson, (205) 209-7021, bwatson@ashbyco.com


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Industrial electrical safety products


Kenney Reed, 205-682-3315, kreed@ashbyco.com

Patrick Jackson, 205-682-3301, pjackson@ashbyco.com


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Knipex Tools

Market-leading manufacturer of high-quality pliers for the lineman and electrician


Trent Higginbotham, 205-682-3312, thigginbotham@ashbyco.com


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Products that protect, control and provide sensing on your electrical distribution system.


Lindsay Gass, 205-682-3311, lindsay@ashbyco.com


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Smart, scalable and efficient connectivity solutions across your electrical infrastructure


Brad Watson, (205) 209-7021, bwatson@ashbyco.com


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Coated, shatterproof incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps; LED Lighting Fixtures


Russ Parker, 205-682-3316, rparker@ashbyco.com


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